Stomp Fitness is closing down.

We have enjoyed a fantastic community helping people achieve their health goals.

If you would like to find out where our people have gone, this page will remain as a guide to help you find them.

Athena Strength

Focusing on weight loss and general fitness training

Evie is a competitive powerlifter and is passionate about exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. After losing 25 kilos by following an exercise programme and a healthy diet she decided that she wanted to help others do the same.

By being able to relate to clients and being dedicated to help them achieve their goals; Evie's clients have seen much success. With a passion for correct form and helping others get results in a fun exercise filled session, she hopes to see that you love it just as much as what she does.

Evie's Qualifications:

- Level 1 Powerlifting Australia Coach
- Certificate 3 & 4 in Fitness
- Certificate in Suspension Training
- Metafit Coach
- Beat Pilates Instructor
- First Aid

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Raw Strength Tasmania

Specializing in Athlete Development and injury prevention/recovery.

With members ranging from middle aged women with back and neck injury's, to teenage football stars; their coaches excel in designing the right program, for the right person to create the best results with the perfect lifestyle and training balance.

Raw Strength is also the Home of the International Powerlifting Federation in Tasmania with all coaches and athletes being ASADA and WADA tested and accredited.

Matthew's Qualifications:
- Level 1 Accredited Powerlifting Australia Coach
- Level 1 Accredited Australian Strength and Conditioning Coach
- Certificate 3 in Aged Services
- Certificate 4 in Disability Support
- First Aid / Mental Health First Aid.

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Catalyst Strength and Physique Coaching

Provides a comprehensive, holistic, and scientifically backed approach to training and nutrition.

Jeremy’s services extend from anyone looking to improve their health in a general sense, to athletes needing to maximise their performance, particularly powerlifters and bodybuilders. Jeremy has spent five years at the tertiary level studying the science of training and nutrition, and how to apply this science effectively to improve strength, appearance, health, and athletic ability.

He is also a competitive powerlifter in the Junior 66kg class, placing second at NZ nationals in 2016, and currently holds the national records for the squat, deadlift, and total, in his class.

Jeremy's Qualifications:
- Master of Science (Exercise and Sports Science)
- Bachelor of Science, First Class Honours (Exercise and Sports Science)
- Bachelor of Science (Human Nutrition and Exercise and Sports Science)

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Health Vibrations

At Health Vibrations, we want to be the change that lasts in your lifestyle. We blend opportunity and hard work to give you achievable results. We pride ourselves on educating our clients using simple and effective channels and tools that every client can build on, and support you every step of the way.

We offer evidence-based training and nutrition protocols that incorporate personal preference, practicality and sustainability; today and tomorrow. No age or ability is a barrier. It’s about progress, your progress - gradual improvement over time in a comfortable, supportive environment!

- Strength and functional interval training
- Compound lifts, dynamic HIIT, resistance, agility

- Nutrition, lifestyle, mindset, sustainable living

- One on One
- Physical or personal development

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Some of our members have their own businesses as well


Tristan started UberNerd to provide the Hobart region with a professional level of technical support and solutions to both homes and businesses alike.

Tristan's Qualifications:
- Computer Systems Engineering Degree
- Cisco CCNA
- Certificate 3 & 4 in Information Technology.

and has experience working in many industries including:
- Telecommunications Technician
- Web Designer
- PC Builder
- Remote Telemetry Systems Technician and Technical Support
- Lightning and Surge Protection Engineer
- Solar Designer and Project Manager
- Business IT Support
- Technical Project Consulting Engineer

This experience has given him a broad understanding of computers and related technologies, and their applications.

If you are in need of an UberNerd, get in touch today.

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