Group classes to push you to your limits.

Free weight training for maximal strength gain.

We focus on powerlifting style training using free weights and power racks for safety, having a lot of success with people of all ages building strength, joint mobility, general fitness and well being.

We have a diverse group of people training in a powerlifting style competitively and non competitively, both males and females, with an age spread from their 20s to their 70s, currently we are trying to grow the drug tested powerlifting in Tasmania and get our state well represented in the International Powerlifting Federation.

Regardless of your background, strength training may hold the key to you improving your health and feeling better about yourself.

There is a variety of equipment to suit every requirement.

Interested in Personal Training?
Meet the PTs and Coaches here at Stomp.

Evie competitive powerlifter, personal trainer and group fitness instructor from Evie's Group Fitness and PT

Focusing on weight loss and general fitness training utilising HIIT and free weight training.

Nutritionist, Bodybuilding Coach, and Powerlifting Coach, Jeremy from Catalyst Strength and Phisique Coaching

Provides a holistic, and scientifically backed approach to training and nutrition.

IPF Powerlifting coach Matt from Raw Strength Tasmania pulling a heavy deadlift

Specializing in Athlete Development and injury prevention/recovery.

Personal Trainer Jess who is a specialist in pre and post natal training from Mamafirst Fitness

Provides a personal training service that specialises in exercise for mums.

You are not alone, we are all striving to achieve a result, and goal by goal we are getting there.